Sometimes We Have Fun With It

Yes, I do sometimes move my arms like I’m running really fast as I head down hill.

Bar‐Seating‐Only Happy Hours Are Discriminatory

I went to a restaurant recently and on their menu it said “Happy Hour From 5‐8”. “Oh good, ” I thought to myself, “we’ll have plenty of time to order and relax before happy hour ends”. You see, we had originally rushed to the restaurant right after work because, according to their website, Happy Hour only ran from 5 to 6. According to the menu, we now had an extra 2 hours to enjoy happy hour pricing.

The Cost of Decency

Dear Capitalist Society, stop trying to put a market value on my civil rights.

If Ableism Dropped an Album

Now That's What I Call Ableism featuring…

All the Unused Spaces

The wheelchair closet full of a flight attendant’s luggage…