It’s Not Our Job To Comfort You

Being confronted with the ableism and lack of inaccessibility in the modern world can be quite startling for folks that aren’t used to it. While it can be upsetting, please don’t look to your disabled friends for comfort. Especially if it was your lack of planning that created the situation to begin with.

I Just Wanna See People Who Look Like Me

Trying to enjoy content about disabled people on the internet is often a frustrating task. We often have to spend a large amount of energy filtering out all the noise and inspiration porn just to catch a glimpse of someone living a life similar to our own.

Understaffing Makes Retail Spaces Inaccessible

Recently, I went to the grocery store to pick up a few last minute items only to discover that most of the stuff I was looking for was on the top shelf of whatever aisle it happened to be in. “No problem” you might be thinking, “just ask one of the super helpful employees every grocery store commercial says is right around the corner”. And I would ask an employee for help, but there’s no one. Ever.

You are Not Differently‐abled

I’ve seen people going around saying “disability” is such a negative word, such a negative thing. “Let’s not use that word. No, let’s try something kinder. Let’s call it ‘differently‐abled’. Yes, that sounds much better”

Stop Sharing Viral Videos of Disabled People Walking

We’ve all seen these kinds of videos: a paralyzed groom walks down the aisle; a disabled graduate stands to accept their diploma, an injured veteran uses cutting edge technology to stand with their fellow service members.