I Don’t Think of You As…

I’m sure you’ve heard something like this from your well‐meaning, non‐disabled friends at one time or another.

Forever in the Third Person

“Do we need an aisle chair for him?”

“Can he transfer?”

“Is his chair foldable?”

“What would they like to order?”

Disabled Existence is a Political Act

We don't wake up with our fist in the air…

The (Almost) Complete Guide to Buying a Wheelchair

If you’re wondering how to go about buying a wheelchair, here’s a (mostly) complete guide to buying a chair. Please note that this guide assumes you’re working within the American healthcare system and have some form of insurance.

Why Can’t Physically Disabled People Be Heroes?

I’m tired of reading sci‐fi where disability has been completely eliminated. I’m tired of people who decide that an ideal world is one where I don’t exist.