The (Almost) Complete Guide to Buying a Wheelchair

If you’re wondering how to go about buying a wheelchair, here’s a (mostly) complete guide to buying a chair. Please note that this guide assumes you’re working within the American healthcare system and have some form of insurance.

The Uber XL Option is Large Enough For a Manual, Fixed‐frame Chair

It actually worked quite well…

Crip Tips: Portray Confidence with Full, Smooth Movements

Getting used to a using a wheelchair is hard. Portraying confidence and competence when using that chair is even harder. 

If You Can’t Read the Sidewalk, Watch the Trees

Sometimes darkness or stuff like leaves can conceal the concrete to the point that it makes it hard to see if the concrete is safe enough to navigate.

How to Read a Sidewalk

Analyzing a sidewalk for hazards before your chair hits them is an important skill for any wheelchair user.

The Apple Watch as an Accessibility Tool

When people see that I have an Apple watch, the first thing they ask me is “Is it worth it?” and my answer is “Yes, if you’re in a wheelchair”.

How to get From 1st to 2nd St in a Wheelchair (Seattle)

Let’s talk about to get from 1st to 2nd without dying.

Self‐Care Advice For the Physically Disabled

Self‐care has been talked about a lot lately. While there are a lot of posts out there that can help you discover ways to manage your mental and physical health in times of crisis, I wanted to create something that was geared towards folks with limited mobility.

Make Your Daily Life More Accessible By Being Consistent.

Improving the accessibility / wheelchair friendliness of our lives can be tough. Every little thing can be a struggle: doing the laundry, getting in and out of the car, shopping for groceries, purchasing something large and figuring out just how the fuck you’re going to get it into your car with your wheelchair.

Cell Phone Stores are a Great Place For Emergency Repairs

A while back, the footplate on my chair came lose and fell to the ground as I was heading home from work. While it was still attached to my chair, it was giving me literally no ground clearance and was making the loudest and most horrific noises as it ground against the concrete. There may have been sparks.

Crip Tip: Use a Tool Wrap

City streets can be hell on your chair. I’ve had screws rattle loose, foot plates drop, and tires pop. The last thing you want to do is be caught unprepared when something on your chair fails.

Crip Tip: Use a Travel Mug

We’ve all been in this situation: you’re out with a friend when they suggest you get coffee (or some other to-go beverage).  “Great idea!” you say, not realizing that “let’s get coffee” means “How about I carry a beverage for you and you awkwardly ask me to hand it you every few minutes lest you seer your crotch with scolding hot coffee?”