I Just Wanna See People Who Look Like Me

Trying to enjoy content about disabled people on the internet is often a frustrating task. We often have to spend a large amount of energy filtering out all the noise and inspiration porn just to catch a glimpse of someone living a life similar to our own.

Understaffing Makes Retail Spaces Inaccessible

Recently, I went to the grocery store to pick up a few last minute items only to discover that most of the stuff I was looking for was on the top shelf of whatever aisle it happened to be in. “No problem” you might be thinking, “just ask one of the super helpful employees every grocery store commercial says is right around the corner”. And I would ask an employee for help, but there’s no one. Ever.

Stop Sharing Viral Videos of Disabled People Walking

We’ve all seen these kinds of videos: a paralyzed groom walks down the aisle; a disabled graduate stands to accept their diploma, an injured veteran uses cutting edge technology to stand with their fellow service members.

Sometimes We Have Fun With It

Yes, I do sometimes move my arms like I’m running really fast as I head down hill.

If Ableism Dropped an Album

Now That's What I Call Ableism featuring…

All the Unused Spaces

The wheelchair closet full of a flight attendant’s luggage…

Make the Gym More Accessible By…

Things gym‐owners can do to make their gyms more accessible.

Did I Do Enough?

In which I wonder if there was something I could have done to change the votes of my more conservative friends and family.


Never forget that you are in charge of your health.

The Chair is a Beginning

The wheelchair. The one that you’ve parked in the corner or next to your bed. 

Be Amongst Yourselves

When the hand on your back is from someone who knows exactly how to keep you from falling. When the words “I’ve got you” come from a place not of pity, but of absolute  compassion and competence. 

Cut Along the Bias

“You’re really fast!”

“I’m amazed by how independent you are!”

“You’ve got it all figured out now, don’t you?”

“Well hell, you don’t need any help at all!”

I Don’t Think Bars in Restaurants Really Need to be that Tall

Going out for a drink as a wheelchair user can get complicated sometimes, especially if the place you’re going to expects you to sit at the bar if you’re only going to be having drinks.

A Butt Touch a Day Keeps the Doctor at Bay

Hey! Glad I got your attention! Let’s talk real quick about our butts and how we can keep them healthy. 

She Gets It

Where I explain, again, why my chair has no push bars.

How Hotels, Resorts, etc., Can Improve Accessibility Without Spending a Bunch of Money

How hotels can improve accessibility without breaking the bank.

Disabled Inspirational Speakers Bother Me

I really don’t like disabled inspirational speakers.

Becky, the Wheelchair Using Doll, was Discontinued. Here’s why

Last year, Mattel announced that it was giving Barbie a makeover — introducing new body shapes, skin tones and even flat feet to make the iconic doll look more realistic. “Barbie reflects the world girls see around them,” Mattel president and COO Richard Dickson said.

What is Was Like Before the ADA

Despite the ADA becoming law in 1990, the fight for equality was only just beginning. Classrooms, bathrooms, and boardrooms weren’t going to be made wheelchair accessible overnight and it would take a lot of courtroom battles to bring people in line with the new legislation. Some schools would even go out of their way to avoid complying with the law. I went to one of those schools.

Finding Independence

“Good Job. Now, do it again.” My dad said as he stood in the shade of the garage. It was Summer in Nebraska and I was standing (literally) behind his SUV, having just finished wrestling my wheelchair into the back. I was hot, sweaty, and pissed and my Dad was asking me to take the chair out of the car and do it all over again.

You Need to Be Seen

The little boy in the wheelchair at the Starbucks needs to see you carry your own drink. Take your coffee and go up to him. Ask him his name and tell him you like the colors on his leg braces. 

On the Importance of Role Models and Representation

rolling down the hallway at top speed, trying to keep track of ten teenage boys at an event for a wheelchair sports camp. I pass a father and his young disabled son, also in a wheelchair.