Always Lift the Front of Your Chair at Curb Cuts

Published: Jan 05, 2019

When approaching a curb cut at speed, always lift the front of your chair. This accomplishes several things:

It Makes the Transition a Lot Smoother

Lifting the front of your chair as you approach the curb cut prevents the front of your chair from either digging into the curb cut (if going up it) or hitting the street (when going down it).

It Makes It Easier to Go Up Steep Curb Cuts

In order to make it up steeper curb cuts, you’ll need to make sure you approach it with enough momentum. In order to get the most out of the additional speed (and the energy used to obtain it), lift the front of your chair just as you feel the effect of the incline on your chair. This will keep your chair from suddenly slowing down and will help your chair clear the curb cut.

It Helps Reduce the Strain On Your Body

Transitioning between the street and the sidewalk can be jarring if not done correctly. A rough transition can be hell on your body if your chair is suddenly slowed or stopped. All the energy in your chair gets moved into your hips and back and can hurt like hell.

If you pop the front of your chair, you reduce the chances of your chair being slowed or stopped and reduce the risk of you getting hurt.