Media Inqueries

Looking to contact Urban Cripple or cite my work in a paper, podcast, or presentation? You’ve come to the right place.

Interviews and Appearances

I do not have the time or desire to do interviews or appearances (audio, video, or otherwise). Additionally, I am not a source matter expert on any topic related to disability including accessibility, discrimination, ableism, the disabled community, disabled representation in media, disabled sex and sexuality, etc. There are a myriad of experts out there that specialize in these topics as well as many others. I highly suggest reaching out to one of them instead of me.

Sensitivity Editing

I am not a sensitivity editor and I will not accept requests to review something as a sensitivity editor.

Citing My Work

This website is publicly available and anyone is welcome to cite something I’ve written as a reference in their own work. All I ask is that anything you quote or reference is done in an intellectually honest way (don’t cherry pick or take things out of context) and that you cite my work correctly. For written works like papers and presentations, this means a correctly sourced footnote along with a proper reference in the biblography. For audio and visual formats like podcasts or videos, this means citing my site as a source either immediately before or immediately after referencing it.

An example of what I don’t want you to do is reference or quote my work nearly verbatim in your podcast or video and then send a random tweet out a few days later saying that you got your idea from my site. That’s not a citation, that’s a CYA. For an example of why proper citations are important, see what happened to the Crime Junkie Podcast