A Look at the Revolve Air Foldable Wheelchair

Instead of trying to solve the wider issue for everyone, Mocellin took disabled people's dream of safer air travel, re‐packaged it into a novelty wheelchair, and tried to sell it back to us for $7,500 a piece.

Accessibility Review: Ballard Beer Company

Ballard Beer Company is an awesome place that will do all they can to accommodate you, even if you can’t check out the loft. If you’re looking for a place to drink, I highly recommend them.

The Omeo Evolution 1 is Just a Toy

Despite all the fancy shots of people in wheelchairs shopping, enjoying the outdoors, or even watching their able‐bodied friends kayak (seriously, watch the video), it fails to meet even the most basic expectations of your average power chair user.

This Trader Joe’s Bag is My Absolute Favorite

I found these really great canvas bags at Trader Joe’s that are large enough to handle a massive amount of groceries and have giant handles that allow me to loop the bag around my neck (no more holding bag handles in my teeth)!

Review: FreeWheel

The freewheel works by lifting your front casters off the ground and replacing it with a giant pivoting wheel at the front of your chair. This lets your more easily clear rough terrain and keeps your wheels from getting stuck.