How Do I Apply for SSI/SSDI?

Apr 06, 2019

Anonymous asks, quote:

Do you know about the process of applying for/getting SSI/SSDI? Do you have any advice about it?

end quote.

Applying for SSI/SSDI is fairly easy and you can do it through the Social Security Administration’s website here.

Being on SSI/SSDI and maintaining your eligibility is a whole different beast. Virtually every dollar you receive from a source other than SSI/SSDI can affect how much money you receive and whether or not you’re even eligible. So, you need to constantly be aware of how much funds you have available and immediately report any changes in your income, even if those changes are temporary.

If you fail to report income changes in what the government considers to be a timely manner, they government will ask for any “extra” funds they sent you to be returned.

You read that right: they will not only alter the amount of money they sent you next month, they will make you send funds back to them. Don’t happen to have upwards of two grand sitting in the bank that you can just write a check for? Good, because if you did you probably wouldn’t be eligible for benefits anymore. Also, you now have to negotiate a payment plan with the government in order to give back the money they sent you.

Don’t get me wrong: for really desperate folks who absolutely cannot work and have no other source of income available, SSI/SSDI can be a literal life-saver.

For folks who are looking for something to help supplement their income or stabilize them while they try to get on their feet, SSI/SSDI can be a nightmare of phone calls and letters where you’re constantly proving just how much money you have and what your needs are.

Did you get small raise? Hopefully the cut in benefits won’t make it cost you money.

Did you go from working 7 hours a week to working 20 hours the next because of mandatory training? Only to go back to 7 hours? Have fun explaining that to the SSA. Have more than $2,000.00 in your bank account? Get fucked.

SSI/SSDI seems to be really geared towards folks whose financial situation is consistently bad and isn’t going to change in the long term. If that’s not you, I would stay away from it.