What Do You Know About Frog Legs?

Sep 16, 2019

Anonymous asks, quote:

What do you know about Frog Legs and other high suspension forks and casters? Trying to decide if they’re worth the price. I live on a dirt road and waking the dog is a pain until we hit pavement. Considering these as a little way to make the gravel easier to traverse.

end quote.

I personally don’t have any Frog Legs parts, but I have heard good things about the casters (my friends who use them say they are an incredibly smooth ride) and I have tooled around in chairs that have had the suspension system over the axle. The axle suspension system really does absorb the shock of things like drops/curb jumps and the forks that have the suspension in them really do make the sidewalk feel smoother. The only downside (other than cost) is the weight. Every ounce you add to your chair is an an ounce you have to push and move. When I tried out the axle suspension system, I noticed that the chair felt a lot heavier due the large springs that made up the system.

So, there’s a definitely a trade‐off. But if you’re trying to reduce shock to your shoulders and spine, I think they’re a good option.