Crip Tip: Use a Travel Mug

Published: Aug 20, 2016

We’ve all been in this situation: you’re out with a friend when they suggest you get coffee (or some other to-go beverage). “Great idea!” you say, not realizing that “let’s get coffee” means “How about I carry a beverage for you and you awkwardly ask me to hand it you every few minutes lest you seer your crotch with scolding hot coffee?”

To remedy this situation, I always keep a travel mug attached to the back of my chair. It’s air tight so it won’t leak and the clip allows me to attach it to my chair. This way, when someone wants to grab a coffee, I’m prepared to order and carry my own drink.

Remember to clean it after each use. There’s nothing fun about ordering a coffee only to realize you’ve got two week old latte in your mug.

A quick note for my quadriplegic friends: These mugs are great because they have giant handles and sturdy construction that makes it easy for folks with little to no dexterity to grasp. However, you might have to double check how tough the flap on top is to open.