How to Safely Work a Stovetop While in a Wheelchair

Published: Dec 30, 2018

Using a stovetop can be tough if you’re in a wheelchair. The controls are hard to reach and all the really dangerous bits are right at face‐level.

Here are a few tips to make stovetop cooking from your wheelchair safer and easier.

Use a Long Pair of Tongs to Reach the Knobs and Buttons

a long pair of kitchen tongs can makes it super easy to reach and use the knobs and buttons on the back of the stove.

Use Wide and Shallow Pots and Pans

Soup pots are nearly impossible to see into and stir when they’re on the stove. If possible, use a pan with a high rim instead. You’ll be better able to see in and stir while you cook.

Sit forward in Your Seat and Roll Up Your Sleeves

If you do need to reach past the first burner, make sure you sit up tall and scoot forward in your chair seat. This will maximize your height. Roll up your sleeves and reach around the burners and not over to reduce the risk of burns.

Take Stuff Off of the Stove to Examine It

You can always take the pan off the heat and so you can look see things clearly. Never place a hot pan on your lap, especially if you have any kind of paralysis or nerve damage that makes it harder to sense extreme temperatures.

For Volatile or Sticky Substances, Use Safety Glasses

If you’re working with sugar or are doing any kind of frying, I highly recommend wearing a pair of safety glasses. After all, your face is going to be inches away from this stuff.