How to Take Out the Trash in a Wheelchair

Taking out the trash can be tough for wheelchair users and, if not done correctly, can be messy business. Here’s some tips that can make it easier.

Always Double Bag

Odds are, you’re going to be carrying the trash bag on your lap when you take the trash out. To prevent any kind of leakage from the bag, double bag it.

Cover Your Lap with the Second Bag

Before you lift the bag out of the trashcan, cover your lap in a second trash bag. This will make it a lot easier to wrap the first bag in the second one and it’ll catch anything that might happen to leak from the bag as you lift it out of the trashcan.

Take the Trash Out More Often

If you find the trash bags hard to lift out of the trash can, try taking out the trash more often. It means you’ll go through trash bags more often but it’s better than struggling to take the trash out.