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If Ableism Dropped an Album

Feb 05, 2018
  1. I’m Totally Accessible (There’s Just One Step)
  2. She’s My Wife, Not My Nurse
  3. Yes, it Works and I Can Feel It
  4. I Dunno, why Don’t You Ask Him? (Feat: My Wife)
  5. You Have the Keys to My Heart (and the Elevator)
  6. Come Through the Back Door
  7. No, I Don’t Know Them.
  8. She’s Not a Nun Nor a Saint (Feat: My Wife)
  9. It’s Really None of Your Business
  10. Slow Down, Speed Racer (So You Can Stab Me)
  11. I Totally Know What It’s Like (The Ballad of the Broken Ankle)
  12. Wait for It (The One Accessible Cab)
  13. No, it Doesn’t Fold But I Promise It’ll Fit
  14. Born This Way (Why Are you Apologizing?) 
  15. Don’t Touch This