Protect Your Superpower

Published: Oct 11, 2017

Many of us have a superpower: an often small but significant thing that we’re not supposed be able to do given the extent of our disability but can somehow still pull off. Maybe you’re a quadriplegic who can juggle (I know a guy) or your a paraplegic who has greater access to their core muscles than is deemed possible.

Mine is the fact that I can (sort of) walk. If there’s something to hold on to that can support part of my body weight, I can physically move my legs enough to do things like walk up a short flight of stairs or board a bus.

I look a bit silly, but it works and having the ability to walk a little has allowed me to experience things I would have otherwise had to miss out on.

As cool as that sounds, this ability does not come for free. I have to make a conscious effort to maintain the required amount of physical fitness needed to walk.

That means that, almost every day, I’m on a treadmill walking, sweating, and trying not to think about how little time has passed since I started and how much pain I’ll be in when it ends. I pump my legs as best I can so that I can hold up less of my weight on my arms and I lift weights so that, when I need to pull or move myself, I can do so easily.

It hurts, it’s hard, and I fucking hate it. I hate getting on that treadmill but I do it anyway. I do it for the places I’ve been to and for the places I want to go.

I protect my superpower.

If you have a superpower, you should do whatever it is you can to make sure you keep it for as long as possible

Have some dexterity that you shouldn’t? Grab some silly putty or Play‐Doh and move those fingers.

Have an ab or two that helps you move better than most? Do some core workouts.

Got two legs that happen to move and occasionally hold you upright? Get on that damn treadmill (Or whatever thing helps you exercise).

Do whatever it takes to protect your superpower.