She Gets It

Published: Sep 01, 2017

Person: Why don’t you have push bars on the back of your wheelchair?

Me: Because I don’t want people pushing, moving or otherwise touching my chair

Person: What if your arms get—

Me: Nope.

Person: What if you get stu—

Me: Absolutely not.

Person: But wh—

Me: Every day I’m out in public, people shout, yell, try to touch my chair, or otherwise interact with me in ways I do not want. The last thing I want to do is put something on my chair that would further encourage that behavior.

Every Guy Nearby:

 an animated gif of a group of puppies all turning their heads back and forth in a confused look. There are question marks over there heads.

Every Woman Within a 10 Mile Radius:

 a gif of a woman emphatically nods her head in agreement and says “Mm-hmm”

She gets it.