Can a Disabled Person Take an Able‐bodied Person’s Seat?

Jul 06, 2018

Anonymous asks, quote:

I was on a packed train the other day and having another one of my “how would someone in a wheelchair navigate this situation?” moments. so let’s say it’s rush hour and a train/bus is full and maybe someone with no mobility aids could squeeze in but there’s not enough room for your equipment. Would a disabled person (or the bus driver/train operator) be justified in asking other passengers to get off so the disabled person could board?

end quote.

A disabled person is only justified in asking other passengers to get off so they can board. However, once they’ve boarded the people who got off should be allowed back on. If there’s suddenly no room for them after this one person got on board, then the disabled person should have waited for the next train/bus.

It’s one thing to have someone get off so you can board more easily. It’s another thing entirely to take their seat.