How Do I Make My Home More Accessible?

Jan 11, 2019

Anonymous asks, quote:

I’m having a disabled friend visit my home for the first time. How can I make my home more accessible?

end quote.

Keep the Floors Clear

People with mobility issues can’t step over anything so make sure there’s nothing to step over.

Remove Any Throw Rugs or Runners

Remove all throw rugs and runners or anything else that isn’t actually attached to the floor. This also includes any bathmats in the bathroom. All of this stuff basically turns into a trip or tangle hazard if you have mobility issues.

Keep Hard Surfaces Clean and Dry

Wet floors and dirty surfaces are lethal to anyone using a cane or crutches. This also includes pet hair. Make sure things are clean.

Keep Chair Legs and End Tables out of Walkways

That end table you know to avoid as you come around the corner from the bathroom? Your disabled guests aren’t going to see it until it’s too late. Make sure the legs of things like end‐tables aren’t sticking out into walkways.

Make Sure Walkways are Wide Enough

Ideally, you wanna shoot for around 36 inches.

Don't Make Your Home’s Accessibility a Thing

Don’t make the accessibility of your home “a thing” (socially). Make sure your friend knows that their comfort and safety is valued at the same level as everyone else’s in the group. Don’t make them feel singled out. It’s like if you have a vegan friend in the group and you went out of your way to make vegan snacks. Just make the snacks. Don’t point out to everyone that you’ve made the snacks.