How can I Prevent Blisters When Pushing My Wheelchair?

Jul 06, 2018

Anonymous asks, quote:

Hey sorry if you’ve gotten this question before but I’m looking for some advice. I just recently started using a wheelchair and have been getting a lot of blisters on my hands. I’ve bought some biking gloves and that has reduced the amount but I’m still getting them and I haven’t found a way to prevent the blisters from forming and popping besides having someone else push for me, which ain’t always an option. Any advice?

end quote.

My Advice:

  1. pick up a better pair of gloves.
  2. Always push with both the tire and the rim, not just the rim.
  3. Time. Eventually, you’ll form callouses (nature’s body armor!) that will help prevent the blisters.
  4. Tape your hands in the spots that get blisters (in addition to the gloves).