How Do I Stop Security From Following Me When I’m In My Wheelchair?

Feb 23, 2019

Anonymous asks, quote:

How do I not get followed by security as a young wheelchair user? They act like I’m going to steal stuff.

end quote.

When they see you, they see a potential shoplifter (even if 75 percent of shoplifters are adults) with lots of spaces to hide merchandise. Plus, no one wants to search a person’s wheelchair after accusing them of shoplifting: this would be a PR nightmare.

You can’t change the behavior of security, but there are things you can do to make yourself seem less “suspicious” (as a young person in a wheelchair).

When shopping, always place items you want to purchase in a store‐owned cart or basket. Never put anything on your chair. Doing so would be like putting something in your pocket or bag—super suspicious. In fact, a lot of loss‐prevention folks are trained that the minute a shopper attempts to conceal a product on their person, they’re committing a crime (or about to). It’s fine to carry something in your lap (the product is still visible), but you should use a cart or basket if things get too hard to carry.

If the store doesn’t have a cart or basket, ask if you can leave items you want to purchase front while you shop.