Is it Okay For Able‐bodied LGBTQIA+ to Use Accessible Restrooms?

Jul 06, 2018

Anonymous asks, quote:

what’s your take on gender minorities using the disabled stalls? Where I live, bathrooms are divided into male + female + disability‐friendly. I feel horrible for using the disability‐friendly one and do my best to wait til I get home. I can’t go to either of the gendered bathrooms (it’s basically choosing between risking getting beat up and being yelled at due to looking androgynous, with the occasional stares and someone calling mall security because they weren’t sure what I was).

end quote.

For reference, this question is in response to my post about spaces meant for disabled folks (e.g., bathrooms) being abused by those who don’t need access to those spaces.

Holy smokes! Friend, you can use whatever bathroom space you want if it keeps you safe and comfortable. Hell, you can use my bathroom if you want.

Once more for the folks in the back: I don’t care how many limbs you have or how well they work: If using an accessible/family restroom space keeps you safe from physical harm, use that space.