Should I Encourage My Parent to Use a Mobility Aid?

Jan 12, 2020

Anonymous asks, quote:

Should able children try to convince their ailing parents to seek out mobility aids? My parent can’t stand or walk for more than 15 seconds without pain or exhaustion but does not want a wheelchair because they are afraid they will lose what little ability to walk they have left.

end quote.

Yes. Your parent is clearly in a situation where using a wheelchair would not only improve their quality of life, but also improve their safey. My advice is that you ask your parent if you can schedule an appointment with their primary care provider (regarding their condition) and then go with them. During that appointment, talk to your parents and their doctor about your concerns. Also, help your parents raise their concerns about losing mobility. Their doctor is going to be able to help them weigh the prose and cons and get them a perscription for a wheelchair.