What Kind of Spill‐proof Dishes Do You Recommend?

Jul 14, 2019

Anonymous asks, quote:

I use a manual wheelchair and I’m looking for a good recommendation for spill‐proof, every‐day use cups and/or bowls to carry in my lap when going from the kitchen to anywhere else in the house (which means I have to get up and over a couple bumpy room dividers and carpet edges).

end quote.

Grab a set of these Bento boxes from Amazon. They’re cheap, come in a pack of 15, stackable, microwavable, freezer safe, and dishwasher safe. They have leak‐resistant lids that also have notches in the top so they’re stable when you stack them on top of each other. I use these when I’m making lunches for the week and they are an absolute life saver. For you situation, the lids on these would make it really easy for you to carry food from room to room. I’m able to throw one of these in my bag on the way to work (inside of a zip‐lock bag for extra safety), and I have yet to have one break open inside of my bag.

For cups, I recommend you grab yourself a travel mug. The one I recommend is insulated, leak proof and comes with a clip built into the handle so you can attach it to your bag or even the back of your chair.