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Dear Every Restaurant Ever: Booths are NOT Wheelchair Accessible

Jul 20, 2017

The Blue C Sushi in Downtown Seattle did a remodel where they added in cool sushi delivery robots (yay!) and replaced every goddamn table with a booth.

I can easily transfer into a booth but I still fucking hate it.¬† Booths are not accessible for folks in wheelchairs. Period. I don’t care if I can sort of pull underneath the front of the booth; it still sucks because:

  1. That’s where the wait staff is going to stand to take our order / deliver the food.
  2. It feels like I’m at a business meeting / holding court with everybody lined up on my left and my right.

And, while I can transfer into a booth it always creates the awkward situation of where the hell my chair is supposed to be. Even if I am able to tuck it under the front of the table, I could make a very dangerous drinking game based on how many times someone trips over it as they walk by.

Dear Every Restaurant Ever: Stop replacing all your tables with booths. It makes it super hard for people in wheelchairs to eat at your restaurant (and God forbid¬†there’s more than one of us in a party).