I am Not a Car

Published: Aug 18, 2018

Person: How was your weekend?

Me: One of my wheelchair tires burst. Luckily I had a spare.

Person: Looks at wheelchair wheels you should have totally put some studs on those things.

Me: Um, well… they sort of have those for chairs but they’re useless and fuck up your—

Person: Or some wicked snow chains!

Me: —floors. Yeah, I’m not… I’m not a car. Those things are clearly for a—

Person: Oooo! You should get some sick spinners n’ shit!

Me: —car. You’re not listening to me, are you?

Person: I act this way because your body is different from mine and that makes me very uncomfortable. I’m objectifying you to ease my fears and insecurities.

Me: I know, bud. I know.

Person: running around making car noises. Tokyo Driiiiiiift!

Me: I think I hate you.

Person: Anyway, good talk, Speed Racer! I’ll catch ya’ later. Beep beep! Vroom!

Dear Able‐bodied folks:

This is how you sound every time we try and tell you a little bit about our lives.

This is why we keep our mouths shut.

Your sad attempts at humor do little to hide your discomfort and a hell of a lot to reveal your biases.

Stop it.