If You Vote Against the Interests of the Disabled…

Published: Jul 22, 2017

I have had this conversation way too many times in my life:

“Ally” Oh my god, did you hear that so‐and‐so of the Fuck the Poor and Disabled, Am I Right? party won the election? Man, I could not be happier. Ever since the People Shouldn’t Die Because They Can’t See a Doctor party got elected, my insurance premiums went up 10%. I’m so glad I decided to vote this year.

Me …but without those policies in place, I won’t be able to see a doctor.

“Ally” Surely someone as hard working as you can get health insurance.

Me I literally cannot get health insurance if these policies get repealed.

“Ally” Yeah, but 10% though… I mean, I had to scale back my vacation plans last year. It was rough. We had to go to Disney Land instead of Disney World. Gross!

Me When I die of an easily treatable infection because I was too afraid of the cost of the emergency room bill, you’re not invited to my funeral and I’m going to haunt the fuck out of you.

I don’t care how long you’ve known each other.

I don’t care if you’re friends.

I don’t care if you’re fucking.

I don’t care if you personally pulled them from the burning car wreck that paralyzed them.

If you vote against the interests of the disabled, you are not an ally to the disabled.