Walking Shouldn’t be Considered Ideal

Published: Jan 09, 2018

Being independent is ideal.

Not being in pain is ideal.

Spending time with friends is ideal.

Less planning is ideal.

More spontaneity is ideal.

Accomplishing the day‐to‐day things other people accomplish is ideal.

Living your life without depending on the assistance and kindness of other people is ideal.

Walking is not the ideal.

If having an ideal life means moving about the world in an unconventional way, then fucking do it.

I am sick and tired of hearing about people battling with their doctors, parents, and themselves when it comes to the “wheelchair” issue.

And I am sick and tired of seeing people suffer, strain, and struggle to walk for the sake of “goals”, “health”, or “not giving up”.

Fuck. That. Shit.

Get your ass in a good chair. Save ya’ walkin’ bits for the shit that really matters like once‐in‐a‐lifetime travel opportunities, emergency situations, or sudden sexy‐times.

It makes me so fucking mad when I read about people who have friends or family members that discourage wheelchair use. Oh, you’re worried about their health? Cool story. Buy them a fucking gym membership with a pool or some shit and the wheelchair.

It’s all just a bunch of move like me! look like me! sell your labor like I do bullshit.