What Lives at the Back of the Bus?

Published: Jan 06, 2019

Every time the bus driver asks people to move away from the wheelchair ramp so I can exit, the people standing at the front gaze towards the back of the bus in terror. It’s as if something is waiting for them at the back of the bus and they dare not move any closer, lest it eat them. I’ve seen grown‐ass men fold themselves up against the wall with their feet en pointe to try and make room instead of just moving toward the back.

I can only sit in one of two spots on any bus so I have little information to go on here. Able‐bodied folk: What the hell lives at the back of the bus? What is so terrifying that you would attempt ballet moves in an attempt to shave off your third dimension instead of move farther down? Is there a Dementor? A Fae that’s trying to offer you their seat in exchange for your first born? What is so goddamn terrifying that you absolutely refuse to move?

And while we’re at it, when the driver suggests that you step off the bus and then back on, why do you look at the driver as if you’ve been asked to leap to your death? You do understand that the world outside of the bus continues to exist while you’re on board, right?