Do You Have Any Tips for Using a Wheelchair in the Snow?

Jul 06, 2018

Anonymous asks, quote:

This will be my first winter as a part‐time wheelchair user, as last winter I was recovering from surgery, and before that, I just needed crutches. Any tips for dealing with snow and ice?

end quote.

Make sure you can lift the front of your chair.

Buy really good gloves. Make sure they provide good grip, cover your entire hand, and are really, really water proof.

Keep towels handy when you transfer from outdoors to inside. You’ll need it to wipe down your chair. One to park the chair over and the other to wipe everything down. Road salt is hell on chair components.

When you get inside, wash your hands thoroughly. Road salt is not meant to mingle with human skin and it’ll dry them out quick. Also, invest in a good moisturizer.

Ice can be just as dangerous for wheelchair users as it can be for folks who walk. You won’t trip, but you will get stuck and spin out.