Have You Ever Seen Someone Misuse an Electric Store Cart?

Jul 06, 2018

Anonymous asks, quote:

Do you ever see people at the store who aren’t cripple using the electric carts? I do from time to time, really pisses me off. I use a walking stick, and put it in the cart and walk around that way. I Saw a guy using one and he was talking to the manager, complaining about the size limit of the basket. My hips and back were killing me but I’m too stubborn to sit down, so I was leaning up against the cart taking a break, out in the parking lot I saw him carrying 5 full bags, each hand Walkin a long.

end quote.

I have never actually seen this. Mostly because the electric carts are so unbelievably infuriating to use that no one would use them unless they absolutely have to.

As for the guy walking to his car with his bags, there’s a good chance that the distance from the store to his car was less than the distance of him walking through the entire store. I don’t assume people are faking it.