How Can I Make My Wheelchair Seat Cushion More Breathable?

Apr 26, 2020

Anonymous asks, quote:

My disability makes me sweat more than normal. I find this to be a problem with the cushion of my wheelchair, specifically the cover. Are there options that aren’t synthetic materials?

end quote.

The main purpose of a seat cushion cover is to prevent moisture from reaching the foam/filling of the seat cushion, causing it to break down. If a wheelchair seat cushion loses its integrity, it won’t be able to adequately support the wheelchair user, and this could lead to skin breakdown and pressure sores.

Most wheelchair covers focus on incontinence issues. However, there are cushion covers focused on airflow. To guarantee that a replacement cushion cover will fit your cushion, you should purchase a cushion made by the same manufacturer as your cushion.

If you aren’t able to find a cushion cover that meets your needs, you could easily make one of your own using whatever material you want. As long as the measurements are correct and it zips close, it should work for you. I would also recommend sewing hook‐and‐loop material to the bottom to that it doesn’t slide around.