How Do I Improve Pain Management With My Cane?

Jan 09, 2020

Anonymous asks, quote:

got any advice for someone whose cane doesn’t help enough with pain management, but is unable to afford a wheelchair?

end quote.

The tips I have here about not punching the ground might help.

I would also take some time to analyze how you use the cane. Think of it like a grounding exercise for your mobility aid. When you’re safe at home, move with the can and really feel where you’re applying pressure. Be aware of how your weight is being balanced. Understand how your feet are planted on the ground to support you.

Once you have an idea of how your body moves with the cane, consider any areas that might easily be improved. Maybe it just means being more conscious of your movements. Maybe it means buying new shoes or getting inserts.

The next thing I would do is start some kind of activity journal. Keep track of how often you use the cane, where you use it, and how you feel during and at the end of the day. Make a ”pain scale” for each day and track how you’re feeling. This will help you better recognize patterns in your “good” and “bad” days.