How Do I Improve and Maintain My Leg Strength While Using a Wheelchair?

Jul 12, 2020

Anonymous asks, quote:

I would like to leave my chair. My legs still have the pain and weakness problems, but it’s been getting a bit better and now I can walk across an entire room without falling. To practice leg strength, I took the foot plates off and have been dragging the chair around with my legs. I wondered if you had any idea how to build up my leg strength more? Walking is still super exhausting.

end quote.

Congrats on Protecting your superpower. You’re on the right track with pulling your chair forward with your legs and walking short distances. I would also suggest working on standing by using a sturdy surface like a counter top to left yourself out of the chair (make sure you always lock your chair breaks before standing). That way, if you lose your balance, you'll be able to safely lower yourself back into a seated position. For a more sustained workout, I would grab something like a a small pedal bike that you can use from the couch or sofa.