What Mobility Aid Should I Use for Temporary Paralysis?

Aug 03, 2018

Anonymous asks, quote:

I was wondering if you knew of anything that could help arm paralysis and leg paralysis? It’s on and off for me and I’m trying to get a power wheelchair. But in the meantime, it’s more difficult, ya’ know? I’m just kind of stuck on what could help.

end quote.

When trying to decide on a mobility aid, always start with the “oh, shit” scenario and work your way out.

You mentioned that you suffer from inconsistent paralysis in your arm and leg. Your “oh, shit” scenario would most likely be losing functionality in both your arm and your leg at the same time. Other than a wheelchair, what would the best mobility aid be for you in that situation?

I would suggest investing in either a quad cane or a walker with a seat. They’re common, inexpensive, and flexible enough to cover a lot of situations. With the cane, if an arm and a leg are giving you trouble, you can switch hands and still stay balanced. The legs on the cane means you’ll be able to apply a lot of extra pressure without having to worry about slipping.

The walker with a seat gives you the option to sit and rest if things get to be too much. I would make sure to get one with good, quality wheels so it’s easy to push with one hand.

The wheelchair is your best option, but these other mobility aids should help until it you’re able to buy it.