How Do I Convince My Doctor I Need a Wheelchair?

Dec 01, 2018

Anonymous asks, quote:

I have undiagnosed chronic pain and inflammation in my feet. How do I convince a doctor that I need a wheelchair? I am tired of living like this.

end quote.

The next time you see your doctor, I would have a frank discussion with your doctor about your pain levels and how it is affecting your daily life. Chronic pain and inflammation are symptoms of one or more health issues and not a diagnosis in and of themselves.

Once you’ve covered your symptoms, pivot the conversation to talking about the best ways to mitigate your symptoms. Having a diagnosis will help you long term, but it won’t improve your quality of life right now; that’s where the wheelchair comes in.

If walking or standing are the main triggers of your symptoms, a wheelchair is most likely the best option for you and your doctor will (hopefully) agree. Remember: frame the discussion of getting a wheelchair in terms of symptom mitigation, not as the final solution or fix. Walking or not, your feet shouldn’t be painful or inflamed.

Once the doctor has agreed to prescribe you a wheelchair, the rest of the problem lies with your insurance company.