How Do I Fund a Mobility Aid Without Insurance?

Jan 04, 2020

Anonymous asks, quote:

What are some ways to fund mobility equipment when insurance won’t cover what you need? Department of Rehabilitation? Private loan? Grant of some kind? For example, my insurance paid for a 300lbs basic powerchair that can’t leave the house and kills my hips and back. In my dreams, I’d like to have a manual chair with custom seating and a power conversion that can fit in our car but I’m short at least $10,000 for that.

end quote.

The most common option is some kind of fundraiser like GoFundMe. Outside of that and a private loan, your best bet is to reach out to whatever organization(s) cater to people with your specific disability. For example, I would reach out to United Cerebral Palsy. Other friends of mine would contact the Spina Bifida Association. If you aren’t able to find such an organization, I would contact any rehabilitation centers in your area and ask them what resources they have available to help. Another option (if you’re eligible) would be Medicaid.