How Do I Get a Cheap Wheelchair Without Going Through Insurance?

Anonymous asks, quote:

I’m looking into getting a wheelchair in the future because my main disability is degenerative, do you know of any ways to get wheelchairs for cheap without inquiring through insurance?

end quote.

I talk a bit about buying chairs here, but your question pertains to not having insurance, so that may not help much.

There are options, but they all kinda suck. You can get one on Amazon but it’s gonna be super generic and probably be tough to push.

Your next best bet is going to be calling up companies like NuMotion and asking if they have any chairs available for direct purchase. These are going to be chairs that people ordered custom but ultimately weren’t able to pay for.

Other than that and maybe Craigslist, there aren’t a ton of options simply because wheelchairs are incredibly personal medical devices.

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